Take 2 Tidbits: 2019 Edition

Take 2 Creative Camp is back in full swing! We’ve been back for only 2 weeks and these students have already gone above and beyond what I anticipated! That is not an exaggeration, it’s more like an understatement. This a special group of young adults. I could tell you about them, but I’d much rather have them introduce themselves in our very first project of the summer, Take 2 Tidbits.

This year, our students reveal 2 facts about themselves in a 1 take video. That means we filmed our video from start to finish, without stopping. If somebody made a mistake, then we had to start over and do it all again. The students were nervous for so many reasons. First, each of them did not want to be the reason we had to start all over again. Second, it was the first time a lot of them were in front of a camera. It is quite nerve-wrecking. However, I’m happy to report that they nailed it in 2 tries. Amazing, I know.

I hope you enjoy meeting our 2019 Take 2 Teens and please subscribe to our blog, the YWCA Elgin YouTube channel, and like the YWCA Elgin Facebook Page. We have a lot of content to show you and we don’t want you to miss any of it.

I’m going to stop typing so you can start watching! We’ll see you soon!

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