Friday Feature #13: Ms. Korisa

Happy Friday!

It has been exactly 1 week since the Take 2 Teens left the YWCA Elgin and we all miss them very much. As Mr. Curtis mentioned in this week’s Take 2 Tuesday’s post, we were very busy for the last few weeks. Overall, we more than doubled the amount of projects this year than last year!

This summer, we spent time with Studio 270 at Gail Borden Library and our Take 2 Teens were able to focus on personal projects in addition to the group projects. The Take 2 Teens took full advantage of this opportunity and learned about podcasting, photography, and green screens.

The Take 2 Teens expressed great gratitude and appreciation to the Elgin Township, YWCA Elgin, Gail Borden Library, Studio 270, and their family and friends. They were able to show off to all of them at our red carpet event.

During our red carpet event, we received so many laughs, applause, and compliments that we really hope that we get to do this again. Take 2 Teen, Karla, even ran a photobooth during the event. Check out her photos below!

As always, thank you for all the support! We have news coming so please subscribe to our blog and we will see you soon. Take care!

-Ms. Korisa

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