Take 2 Tuesday: Helen

Welcome to another edition of Take 2 Tuesday! Last Friday, we here at the YWCA of Elgin were able to volunteer at the 2018 Day of Caring. It’s a giant volunteer event with the United Way of Elgin where several groups go to different parts of the city to help out the community. In our case, we went to Ronald D. O’Neal Elementary School. That school had a project where we painted multiple sections of the playground such as hopscotch, four square, bowling, and other activities. For this week, we have Helen giving her thoughts on this event.

Take it away, Helen!

“I felt comfortable because there were people that I can talk to. Karla and I were having fun painting and telling jokes on the bus. We laughed because we told funny jokes. It was also relaxing because we painted some playground activities or simple things. The end was fun because we got to play in the playground. While we were painting, I got to meet lots of new people to talk to and again we talked about random stuff.”



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