Friday Feature #10: Karla

Take 2 Creative Camp tackled silent movies this week. After watching silent films, “The Haunted Castle” and “Alice in Wonderland,” they were given the task to create their own silent movie. After a few brain storm sessions, the Take 2 Teens came up with a concept and executed it perfectly.  Take 2 Teen, Karla, did a great job editing the movie. Here what else she has to say about this project.

You’re on, Karla!

“Making a silent movie was fun and easy to me because you don’t have to memorize lines. Another thing that I liked about editing this film was using the effects.  I also got to remember some things that I had forgotten from last summer. I, personally, liked how the silent film turned out.  It is really good because we all did our part in this film and we worked as a team. My favorite part of the film was the ending when we were all mad or upset because it was funny and I liked all of our reactions. That’s all I have for now, so I hope you guys had a fun time reading this and I really hope you guys enjoy watching the silent movie we posted on YouTube and all of the other videos that we have posted on YouTube.”





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