Take 2 Tuesday: Double Feature Edition

On this week’s edition of Take 2 Tuesday, Colby and Amil return to give their thoughts on the recent projects that they were involved in. Both of them were hard at work with an original movie and a vlog respectively. These videos recently premiered, and we’re proud of all the Take 2 Teens who contributed to these and previous projects. Colby will kick off this Double Feature edition of Take 2 Tuesday.

“The green screen effect was a fun learning experience. My actors were amazing and they memorized the script fast. My movie is on the YWCA Elgin Facebook page and YouTube. Picking all the different scenes for the background was fantastic experience.”


Here’s Colby’s movie called “The Leftovers”!

Now, Amil has something to say!

“I found it easy to film and to edit the video. It was fun and funny to look back on the videos I took. It was great to look for the music that played in the background. I had lots of fun working on the vlog.”

Here’s Amil’s vlog where the Take 2 Teens posted fliers across downtown Elgin!


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