Friday Feature #9: Amil

Welcome to this week’s edition of Take 2 Creative Camp’s Friday Feature! Everyone has been hard at work with the various projects such as letters, videos, and even a chance to spread the word about our program throughout the Elgin community. For this week’s post, we have Amil talking about what’s been happening at Take 2 so far. Now take it away, Amil!

“This week, I had fun on Wednesday. We went to 10 different places, like Salon Couture, Al’s Cafe & Creamery, and a lot of other places to put up our fliers for the Take 2 Teen Camp. We can have new people come to the blog, check it out, and find out more about our projects. It was fun for me because I got to film with the GoPro and that was new for me because I never filmed before. I heard that I was really good at filming, so I would like to film again to be honest. Maybe I can film some more vlogs in the future.”





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