Friday Feature #8: Lina

Here’s another edition of Take 2’s Friday Feature! Over the past several days, the Take 2 Teens have been writing and working on a major video project that deals with the current sobering reality of various school shootings. Each person was able to write an open letter detailing their feelings on how they feel as students fearing that this tragedy could happen to them. They wrote their letters and talked about them in front of a camera while all of the footage was compiled. Despite the heinous nature of our current social climate, each Take 2 Teen did offer suggestions for a more positive future. For this week, we have Lina giving her thoughts on this project.

“I feel that this project was a great experience for all of us because it made us realize that even kids could make a change. When we were writing, it felt really good for me. I just poured out all of my thoughts and feelings onto the paper. Afterwards, I just was so happy I got it out, but also sad that we have all these feelings from other people. In all, I’m glad we did it and we might even make a major change. Even if we change one person’s mind, it will be a big change to them and us.”






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