Friday Feature #5: Screenwriting

Welcome to another edition of Take 2’s Friday Feature!

For this week, we have our Take 2 Teen Mason giving his 2 cents on the program and our current unit involving screenwriting while having positive media representations. Our next project involves the teens making short films that both pass and fail the Deggans Test or the Bechdel Test.

“What I like about Take 2 is that it gets me out of the house and I like learning how to make videos. I’m enjoying that we get to make our own movies which I never thought I’d be able to do. It was hard at first to write a script, but it got easier after thinking about it. You have to picture the movie in your head, and then you write down things like their dialog or their actions. It was tough writing a script that passes the Bechdel Test because it forces you to write dialog that’s more creative and to make sure they’re written just as well as male characters. I learned how to format the story for other people playing the characters.”



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