Take 2 Tuesday: Take 2 Creative Characters

Welcome to this week’s edition of Take 2 Tuesday #T2T!

For today, we here at the Take 2 Creative Camp started a unit involving characters and media representation in movies, TV, etc. We discussed how women and minorities have been portrayed in media while thinking of ways to break stereotypes while still making entertaining stories. This ties into the YWCA’s slogan of eliminating racism and empowering women.

We learned about the Bechdel Test which has three guidelines.
1. There needs to be at least two female characters.
2. They have to talk to each other.
3. The conversations have to be about something other than men.

Or the Deggans Test:
1. There needs to be at least two nonwhite characters.
2. The plot is not about race.

Most movies and TV shows fail the test.

This week’s entry will have some insights from Ali.

“We learned about the Bechdel Test and the Deggans test and it was surprising which movies passed or failed. I was surprised with how much various minorities get stereotyped like how in the original Power Rangers TV show, the first yellow ranger was an Asian girl while the black ranger was an African-American guy. With me being black, I’ve noticed that people with my skin color tend to be seen as lazy when I know it’s not the case. I want to break that stereotype. It was fun using my imagination to create a character that I can relate to and shares my interests.”



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