Friday Feature #4: Garage Sale Fundraiser

We’re back with Friday Feature #4! We missed last week because we held a garage sale fundraiser, but we are here to tell you all about it!

From 10am – 3pm, we hit the Elgin streets with our merchandise in hopes we could make a few sales and raise money for our Take 2 Creative Camp program. All the kids worked incredibly well as they managed to sell many items and meet new people. From shoes to dresses, video games to movies, we had a variety of items to sell.

In addition to the garage sale, we introduced the video editing software Final Cut Pro X and our teen, Karla, created this highlight video so you could get a glimpse of the garage sale.


“The Garage Sale was a success and I’d like to thank every one who donated and helped us out with the garage sale. I am very grateful for the money we raised. While I was editing this video I noticed that it is very hard to do what the movie producers do. I have learned how to edit certain things for the video that we are making in this program. Me and the other kids have learned so many things in this program and I thank the teachers for that.”



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