Friday Feature #3: A Million Thanks

Here’s part 2 of this week’s Double Friday Feature. The Take 2 group managed to write some letters to active military personnel and veterans this week through a program called A Million Thanks. We also dropped off said letters to the territorial headquarters of The Salvation Army in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Here’s a video detailing this event.

Also, be sure to check out for more information.

For this post, our featured blogger is Amachi.

“I started this program Monday and the Million Thanks project was the first project I got to do. Being in this program has been not only a learning experience, but it has been fun, too. This Thursday, we made letters to the military. The Million Thanks project was very meaningful and it just gives you a good feeling to know you are giving a solider a smile on their face. I felt great just thinking about a person smiling because of something I wrote to them. I’ve always considered being in the military and soldiers are an inspiration to me. They are brave enough to risk their lives, so here’s a big thanks to soldiers and police everywhere.”



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